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Police believe the El Paso shooter targeted Latinos By Terry Miller Since last weekend, politicians, pundits and conspiracy theorists have pointed their collective fingers for the senseless killings (Texas and Ohio) at everyone/thing from Mr. Trump to the decline of “American family values,” to transgender acceptance — the list goes on. Whichever way you look…

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Recent earthquakes shake, rattle and roll residents with talk of ‘The Big One’ By Terry Miller There is little scientific evidence that the summer heat we’re experiencing and earthquakes are somehow related, however the so called Shake-and-Bake theory is very much alive, especially on the internet. There is even an “earthquake cake” resourceful bakers have…

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Over 500 people attend rally at Pasadena City Hall Tuesday evening By Terry Miller The state of Alabama last week enacted the strictest abortion law in the country, making performing the procedure a felony at any stage of pregnancy with close to no exceptions. Perhaps one of the most of heated political potatoes is once…

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