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By Jesse A. Cisneros

Crystal Cruises, an American luxury cruise line, holds a sweet spot in my travel industry career as it is the first and only cruise company I’ve worked for and sailed on. I believe I was only 20 years old then and the world of travel was new to me. Still in college, I did not have a clear vision on what I wanted to do within the travel industry or if I should stick to my major (which at the time was music). I was offered to go on a “familiarization” or FAM trip to Alaska. Mind you, the last place I wanted to visit was Alaska! I knew nothing about it.  I was not aware of Alaska’s beautiful views or how close you get to see the Glaciers.

I was blown away with how friendly and respectful the staff was to me (a 20-year-old kid from Los Angeles, Calif.). I was floored with the food!!! Oh my God, the food. It was the first time I had Spagos. It was the first time I had caviar, my first adventure on a ship and the first time I wore a tuxedo (which, if you know me, I like to dress up). It was my first of a lot and I thank God it was with Crystal Cruises. Since then, I’ve grown to LOVE travel, cruising and food because of my first experience with the “world’s best” cruise line recognized by Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler and Virtuoso.

Crystal Cruises has now expanded to not just offering Ocean Cruises but now they’ve expanded to: Crystal River Cruises (the best way to see and explore the country within), Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises (cruise on your Crystal yacht with 12 of your favorites), Crystal Luxury Air and Crystal AirCruises. Give yourself the opportunity and let Crystal Cruises be your first or come back home and cruise with the best in the world! Contact us at (626) 796-4448 | info.sierramadre@protravelinc.com and speak to one of many cruise professionals ready to assist you in your next cruise adventure with Crystal Cruises.

September 27, 2018

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