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Hit the Road to Jake’s Roadhouse

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Breakfast at Jake’s with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and pancakes.
– Photo by Jason Yassine


By Jason Yassine

In the heart of Old Town Monrovia is a family oriented restaurant known as Jake’s Roadhouse (622 S. Myrtle Ave.) This quaint spot is most commonly known for its BBQ foods however, their home-style breakfasts have become prominent online. Since their breakfasts have received good reviews, I decided to try it out. Upon entering Jake’s, I noticed that the establishment was small and it had a tavern-like vibe to it. The walls were very interesting and colorful. Covered in state license plates and town signs, it gave the restaurant a decorative roadhouse theme. The floors were covered in peanut shells and the lighting was dim which added to the unique atmosphere.

After reviewing the menu, I decided to order scrambled eggs, hash browns, and pancakes. The waiter provided quick and friendly service and allowed flexibility with the menu. Once the dish arrived, it visually looked very pleasing. The plate was very warm and the aroma from the dish filled the air. The scrambled eggs were smooth and fluffy in texture. When I took the first bite, I instantly tasted a heavily buttered flavor. Personally, I would have preferred if the scrambled eggs had a hint of butter because it overwhelmed the taste of the eggs. By doing so, I believe it would have made the dish lighter and less filling.

Accompanied with the eggs, were the hash browns. The exterior of the hash browns was lightly crisp while the interior was soft. However, I prefer to have my hash browns crispier all the way through. As for taste, I would compare it to a baked potato with little seasoning.

The hero of the dish, were the pancakes. Visually, they looked big, fluffy, and golden brown. It was a two-layered pancake that looked like a stack of four. As I sliced through it, my fork easily flowed through the spongy interior. It was almost as if I was slicing through a cake. The stack was light in texture but quite filling. This was one of the most enjoyable pancakes that I had eaten in a while.

Overall, the meal would have been a success if they had gone easy on the butter. I felt the butter was excessive and unhealthy. Nonetheless, if you’re a butter lover then this is the dish for you. The pancakes were the winners of this breakfast and I would highly recommend them. I would rate my overall breakfast experience, three out of five stars.

December 2, 2016

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