John Buchanan Becomes Mayor of Sierra Madre during Reorganization

John Buchanan is all smiles at the reorganization - Photos by Terry Miller

By Terry Miller

Former Mayor Joe Mosca handed over the Mayoral duties of the city to John Buchanan who was selected Mayor of Sierra Madre, for the second time at Tuesday’s reorganization at City Hall. Josh Moran was unanimously selected as Mayor Pro Tem.
Mosca thanked his family for their support especially his partner, Matt Bosse and sons Garrett (3 yrs) and the new born Devan . He also thanked John Buchanan for his guidance and friendship.
Mosca said “After several years on the City Council he still gives 100 percent. He is very committed,” In thanking other councilmembers, Mosca also thanked the Sierra Madre community for their support.
Mosca cited the accomplishments of the Council during his tenure as Mayor and again said what an honor it was to serve the city.
When Buchanan took the Mayor’s seat he promised not to make a terribly long speech but did
“There’s but one reason anyone should seek and hold elected office…that is to do good,” Buchanan said. “Being a council member or mayor… is a chance to do good,” he said.
Buchanan noted the importance of Sierra Madre remaining a “full service city”.

Harsh critics of Buchanan and Mosca, like local blogger John Crawford, attacked Mayor Buchanan who Crawford claims “gave a big push for large expansive government last evening, though it was obvious that wasn’t all of his agenda” and also said Joe Mosca fans who put him “into power a year ago didn’t bother to show up tonight. Maybe they stayed home so they could watch the cable news coverage of the impending royal wedding. Or perhaps they were just getting drunk.”
Interesting, albeit a grossly inaccurate observation. Crawford went on to affront and debase the outgoing Mayor and newly selected Mayor as only Crawford and his anonymous disciples can. He went on to say: “But whatever the reason, there was very little energy in the room. Instead you might have thought you were attending one of Bruce Inman’s demonstrations on how pipes get rusty. Or the most interesting ways to dry paint.”
Well Mr. Crawford, again, interesting armchair observation but again a grossly inaccurate observation.
Interestingly enough, although hardly surprising, Crawford made no mention of his BFF Councilwoman Maryann MacGillivray’s “Anarchy” comment in relation to Jerry Brown’s plans for California.

April 28, 2011

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