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Founded by Victor Huynh and Emily Au in 2003, Ready Artwork has almost 15 years of experience in website design and marketing strategies for small to medium businesses. – Courtesy photo


By Emily G. Peters

Starting a business takes guts. Success requires passion and patience to plow through the challenges. But just because someone loves their work doesn’t mean they know how to brand or market it.

Ready Artwork in Monrovia bridges that gap. Founded by Victor Huynh and Emily Au in 2003, this premier website design and marketing company’s mission is to help businesses succeed.

Huynh and Au’s story sounds uncommon. As graphic design graduates fresh out of Cal Poly Pomona, the pair worked day jobs in public relations while balancing design gigs on the side. As more clients came, they grew increasingly excited about where their freelance work could lead.


The energetic Ready Artwork team is driven by the simple tenets of working hard, being humble, and caring deeply for their clients’ success – Courtesy photo


“We found dealing with multiple brands very fun and creative. Before long, we were working 16 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Huynh. “We decided that we were young and passionate enough to take the risk. So without any investments other than the clients we had on hand and a lot of drive, we rented our first tiny studio in Pasadena.”

Now in its fourteenth year of business, this start-up style company has grown legs. Focusing on small to medium businesses, they create end-to-end branding solutions to help businesses attract customers and close sales. They specialize in graphic design, website development, digital marketing, master rep services, search engine optimization and content creation. Simply put, any business can come to Ready Artwork and leave armed with a brand toolkit to help spread the word and drive sales.

Those businesses have come from all over Southern California, and even internationally. Their industries span the gamut: gourmet food brands, e-commerce sites, cosmetics companies and even Adobe Systems have partnered with Ready Artwork. Rather than building cookie-cutter websites and marketing campaigns, Ready Artwork shapes each client’s image according to its unique benefits, services and audience. That respect for each client’s individuality is a function of Ready Artwork’s straightforward mantra: “Be humble. Have fun. Give a d—.”


The energetic Ready Artwork team is driven by the simple tenets of working hard, being humble, and caring deeply for their clients’ success – Courtesy photo


As the Ready Artwork team continues to expand, it’s clear the mantra is making an impact. In 2015, they moved from San Gabriel to Monrovia where they purchased their own storefront—no mean feat in any economy.

“We decided that we were going to invest in a building and a long term home for Ready Artwork,” said Huynh, who now sits on the board of directors for Monrovia’s Chamber of Commerce. “We fell in love with the energy and the friendliness of the city, and are very happy with our choice.”
Indeed, energy is a defining characteristic of the Ready Artwork team. They hunger to be a major driving force in the local economy—a mission which Huynh credits to his and Au’s upbringings.

“We both come from immigrant families that struggled financially,” he said. “Our work is that much more valuable knowing we’ve contributed to families taking home a paycheck at the end of the day. Being a part of the success of a business owner’s dream— it’s incredibly fulfilling.”
Ready Artwork is located at 434 W. Foothill Blvd. in Monrovia. Learn more about how they can help your business at | (626) 400.4511 | and follow their team on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram @ReadyArtwork.


March 15, 2017

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