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Sharky’s Meal is the Real Deal


The delicious Nachos Grande. – Courtesy photo by Jason Yassine


By Jason Yassine

Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill  (841 Cordova St., Pasadena) is a healthy fast food chain that serves a variety of mouthwatering Mexican style dishes. In addition, they provide organic and wholesome ingredients to help make every dish taste fresh and flavorful. When walking through the main entrance of Sharky’s, the first thing you’ll see is the ordering counter. As for the environment, the set up is the standard booth and tables with a salsa bar near the side entrance.

After reviewing the menu, I decided to order one of their stone fired pizza’s and their Nachos Grande, which is labeled under their favorites. The employees were very accommodating when I asked to add organic black beans to my Mexican style pizza. In addition, their service was quick and friendly which made the experience more enjoyable.

The pizza that I ordered was the Spicy 4 Cheese with black beans. Visually, the pizza looked very unique because it wasn’t your typical cheese, sauce, and bread. The crust was a jalapeno-cilantro tortilla topped with tomatillo cheese sauce, tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, and sour cream. When biting into the pizza, I really enjoyed a nice crunch from the tortilla crust. The jalapeno crust added some heat to the pizza and blended well with the fresh ingredients. My reason for adding black beans to the pizza was for the additional protein, which helped give it a distinctive flavor.

In addition, I ordered the Nachos Grande, which came promptly with the pizza. When the Nachos arrived, I immediately noticed the size of the meal. It was big enough to serve two people. I definitely underestimated the label of grande. Visually, this meal was very colorful. The nachos were layered with four cheeses, organic beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and jalapeños. When biting into the meal, a burst of flavor immediately hit my mouth. The sour cream and guacamole enhanced the blend of cheeses and crispiness of the warm tortilla chip. The pico de gallo added a clean refreshing taste to the nachos. I would suggest if you’r not a fan of spicy food, you order this meal without the jalapenos. I felt the spiciness from the jalapenos took away from the taste of the meal.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Sharky’s. Aside from the friendly service, the meals were delicious and fairly priced. I would definitely come back again and explore other dishes. In my opinion, my rating would be four out of five stars.

January 5, 2017

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