Sierra Madre Actor Takes a Stand Against LaRouche Propaganda

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By Terry Miller

Mild mannered local actor, Barry Schwam was displeased, to say the least, when he saw a picture of President Obama digitally altered to depict him as Adolf Hitler.

The posters were placed outside his local Post Office in Sierra Madre Tuesday afternoon.  The Lyndon LaRouche camp set up their abhorrence propaganda outside the US post office to a very mixed reaction.  Schwam was so upset by the absurd parallels to Obama that he penned his own silent protest to voice his first amendment right!

Schwam, who was recently married in Sierra Madre, held a sign (albeit a bit faint) which read:  Petition to institutionalize psychotic persons who compare Adolf Hitler to President Obama. While standing outside the post office, many Sierra Madre Residents did, in fact, sign Barry’s petition. One man yelled to the LaRouche people that they were “crazy” What he’ll do with the petition, however, is unclear.  According to Schwamm, a little humor perhaps was in order to diffuse such detestable and unwarranted hatred for America’s first Black President.

One driver, so upset by the objectionable photos depicting Obama as Hitler, slammed on his breaks and uttered in no uncertain terms his feelings of disdain for the LaRouche propaganda camp. Luckily fists did not fly but it was a gut reaction many people felt as they attempted to mail their letters and bills Tuesday afternoon.

Barry told the Sierra Madre Weekly that hate and violence is never the answer to differing opinions and he hoped that his counter protest made some think twice before reading hatemonger’s’ messages. The Weekly approached the man and woman who were in charge of the LaRouche table but they refused “to speak to the media.” The only comment uttered was from the woman at the LaRouche table: “Obama is just a big fart.”.

As the honks of support for Barry Schwam’s one-man campaign against ignorance and stupidity grew less frequent with the setting winter sun, he decided that his point was made and hopefully some people left with the awareness that hatred and misinformation is always around, we just have to silently and peacefully protest that which we do not believe to be so.

For the record: here’s a look at who and what Lyndon LaRouche is:

Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. is an American self-styled economist, political activist, and the founder of several political organizations known collectively as the LaRouche movement. He has been a perennial candidate for President of the United States, having run in eight elections since 1976, once as a U.S. Labor Party candidate and seven times as a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination. He is the founder and contributing editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, and has written prolifically on economic, scientific, and political topics, as well as on history, philosophy, and psychoanalysis.

He was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment in 1988 for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax code violations, but continued his political activities from behind bars until his release in 1994 on parole. His defenders believe the prosecution was a politically motivated conspiracy involving government officials and a mass-media brainwashing campaign. His appellate attorney, Ramsey Clark, a former U.S. Attorney General, argued that the case represented an unprecedented abuse of power by the U.S. government in an effort to destroy the LaRouche movement.

LaRouche provokes sharply contrasting views. His supporters see him as a political leader in the tradition of Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr., and a brilliant thinker who has been unfairly persecuted, while critics regard him as a cult leader, conspiracy theorist, fascist, and anti-Semite.  Norman Bailey, formerly with the National Security Council, described LaRouche’s staff in 1984 as one of the best private intelligence services in the world, while the Heritage Foundation has said he leads what is possibly one of the strangest political groups in American history.

December 1, 2009

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