Sierra Madre Gives Sheriff Two Thumbs Up

CalPERS Debt: $9 Million

By Terry Miller

Sierra Madre Weekly has run several articles in recent weeks describing how LASD Deputies will be patrolling the nighttime streets starting Feb. 28.  It seems now that the decision is final after Arcadia turned down Sierra Madre’s request for temporary services a couple of weeks ago.

According to our good friends over at Sierra Madre Tattler, Tuesday’s council meeting was somewhat of a ho-hum … except for this little gem:

“It was revealed in an actual city report that Sierra Madre’s total CalPERS debt exposure is $9 million dollars; this, in a city of 11,000 people. According to last year’s UUT skeptic version of Martin Truitt, that comes out to $814 of city employee pension liability per living Sierra Madre resident. Small children and babies included. The City Council offered no enlightening commentary on the significance of this huge amount of previously unrevealed debt. Nor did they intimate how much of the utility tax hikes being asked for would be spent to meet so onerous a debt load. They did compliment the person who delivered the report, however. They thought it was nice.”
John Crawford also discussed that Sierra Madre has just hired a second police force as follows:

“The city now has a daytime police force and a nighttime police force; The SMPD and the LASD. And so novel a combination comes with two entirely separate pay obligations. The nighttime police is the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and comes at an additional cost of $400,000 for a few months, then the price goes up. How long they need to be here depends on how soon the badly depleted SMPD can hire new people. Chief Giannone is working on it. It could be by the end of June, or it might be much longer.”

Crawford in his whimsical ways summed it all up like this, “The City Council asked very few questions, and offered no insight on the significance of any of this. Nor did they even take the time to answer questions from the residents who came to speak at the podium – Despite assurances from Mayor Capoccia that they would. Why is this? Did the City Attorney forbid them to speak on these matters? Was it part of the time-honored tradition there to never admit that City Hall just might be at fault for its own failures? Did they believe that if they didn’t talk about it, none of this would actually exist?
I don’t the know answers to any of that. This entire air brushed and largely content-free meeting was swept under the rug and over in less than two hours.”

February 25, 2016

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