Sierra Madre Rose Float…..Catching the REALLY Big One


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The Sierra Madre Rose Float Association puts the finishing touches on their 2014 entry Monday afternoon – Photos by Terry Miller

Sierra Madre Rose Float catches the big one
By Terry Miller
The Sierra Madre Rose float is an animated spectacle this year, sporting a flapping tail fish and a really cool rocking boat. The total length of the float is 49 feet long and 25 feet high and no doubt will garner yet another in a long history of awards for the independent float builder.

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association President Robert Young emphasized the importance of volunteers helped with the construction effort this year.

The Isabella Coleman Trophy, which awards the best presentation of color and harmony,  was presented to the SMRFA last year and will be on display in Kersting Court after the parade.

This year, four professional, float-building companies produced 40 of the 46 floats each with their own take on the parade theme, “Dreams Come True.” The remaining six floats are built entirely by volunteers from the sponsoring organizations like the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association.

Pasadena-based Phoenix Decorating Company is producing 20 floats this year.

Fiesta Parade Floats has 13 floats this year.

Azusa-based Artistic Entertainment Services has been in the industry for 34  and has five floats in this year’s parade.

The smallest float builder is Paradiso Parade Floats.

Look to our papers next week for a full line of the winners and spectacular photos. Also check out: for more details of all the post parade action.

December 31, 2013

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