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What on Earth Is Going on Sierra Madre?

Photo by Terry Miller

Photo by Terry Miller


Sheriff’s Will Be Given 30-Day Notice at Month’s End 

By Terry Miller

Talk about Brexit … now the world’s (well at least local) attention is focusing on “SMexit” (aka Sierra Madre exit).

First, the city decides to contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) to cover evening and weekend shifts. Then, the Sierra Madre Police (SMPD) Chief says the department will be back in full swing by September – and now, there is a rumor that Chief Giannone is about to exit, stage left … along with embattled Public Works Director Bruce Inman and possibly more.

We also just learned Wednesday morning, from Council Member John Cappocia, that SMPD will resume nighttime patrols on Nov 1.

In an email asking all the council members for clarification on the latest rumors, Cappocia (the only one who responded to our requests) said, “We will be resuming patrols on Nov. 1. We will be giving the sheriff a 30-day notice at the end of the month.”

Cappocia went on to say, “You can expect a press release at the appropriate time on key personnel announcements. Until that happens, out of respect for city staff members, that’s all I will say.”

This is the latest from our friend John Crawford at Sierra Madre Tattler. We are attempting to verify, but as of now:

“It all started in the last week or so with the story we broke here about the ‘retirement’ of City Manager Elaine Aguilar. But, surprisingly, that was hardly the end of it. We can also finally confirm that Director Bruce Inman is now on his way out, as well.

“And we can now share with you another piece of big news. Are you ready for this? Sierra Madre Police Chief Larry Giannone is also apparently heading out through the permanent door. A rumor at this point, but all of the pieces fit.

“So what is the reason for so much sudden radical change? In the not too distant past, the in Sierra Madre City Council seemed endlessly tolerant of the failures and inadequacies of its senior personnel.

“Why such radical change now?

“Apparently the city council has been actually holding employees accountable for their work and some aren’t adjusting to that kind of pressure very well – producing actual positive results being too onerous a burden for some to carry. And rather than continuing to be called out on their various screw ups and inadequacies, they’re taking the money and running.

“It really is about time this city got some new leadership.”


September 21, 2016

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